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In Memoriam   -   THORNHILL Audrey (Nee Skipp)

THORNHILL Audrey (Nee Skipp) Loving memories of our Mum, who passed away eight years ago today, 22nd February aged 78 years. A place in our hearts, Will always be kept, For a Mum we loved, And will never forget, Your memory is precious, And will never grow old, It's locked in our hearts, And treasured like gold. Miss you Mum. Good night, God Bless. Daughter Bing, Tracey, Son-in-law Richard xxx Nan Thinking of you today, Always in our thoughts. Grandchildren Jason, Matthew, Scott, Kayleigh and Partners xxxxx Great Grandchildren we all our love and kisses Granny. Lucy, Chloe, Jack, Oliver, Alesashia and Sophie xxxxxx

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Originally printed on February 22, 2013 in the Gloucestershire Media .
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THORNHILL Audrey (Nee Skipp)
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