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In Memoriam   -   CARTER George Frederick

CARTER George Frederick Treasured memories of my precious husband who had to leave me on February 24th 2010. Three years have gone by and still I ask why you had to leave me, no wonder I cry. Though we are not together in the way we used to be, we're connected by a thread of love that no one else can see. I loved you and lost you but still feel your touch, for nothing loved is ever lost and I loved you oh so much. Loved and longed for always. Your heartbroken wife Sheila x x x

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Originally printed on February 23, 2013 in the Grimsby and Scunthorpe Telegraph.
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Picture Tributes
Sheila Carter
9 Mar 2013
Bob Edwards
24 Feb 2013
23 Feb 2013
Bill Osborne
23 Feb 2013
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