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Pat Booth, who died on 11 May, 2009, was a woman who showed diverse talents in a variety of careers. As a model she was one of the icons of the 1960s, with her lithe frame and beehive hair. She modelled for the likes of Norman Parkinson and David Bailey and launched a pair of fashionable London boutiques. But in the 1970s she moved behind the lens. She photographed British royalty, including the Queen and Queen Mother, and pop royalty, such as David Bowie and Bianca Jagger. Her work was displayed in the National Portrait Gallery and prestigious publications. Then in the 1980s she embarked on yet another creative direction, writing racy and glitzy romance novels. This proved to be her most lucrative venture yet with her books selling millions of copies. Ms Booth was believed to be in her sixties when she died of cancer, though she had always been reticent about her age. She grew up in the East End and left school at 15 with ambitions in modelling. A headstrong woman, many of her career choices seemed driven by the desire to exceed the expectations of the men in her life. Her father, a boxer, never thought she could become a model and her writing career was in defiance of the scepticism of her first husband, the psychiatrist Garth Wood. In 2008 she married for a second time to advertising executive Sir Frank Lowe. They wed in Barbados on the spur of the moment, proving that Ms Booth was still enjoying the glamorous lifestyle that had given her much material for her books. Ms Booth was survived by her husband and a son and daughter from her first marriage.

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Originally printed on May 14, 2009 in the Family Announcements.
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Such a marvelous lady...

I rented a flat below Patsy and Garth from 1978 to 1983 and had many wonderful dinners, sharing a few bottles of wine and port with them both. I got to know Patsy quite well, so much so that I was mentioned in one of her early books. What a tremendous woman...I'll never forget when Orlando was born, how happy she was! I treasure her friendship, and for an American living in Europe, both she and Garth showed such kindness. I'll never forget her, and if Orlando ever reads this, take heart...your mother was one of a kind and the truest of friends.

Roy Felty

By Roy Felty on 15 Oct 2011

Well, I just read...

Well, I just read Beverly Hills in June 2009. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!! It was a great read from beginning to end. Now, the copyright was in 1989, and as of this writing (before I googled), I did not know that she had passed in May 2009 (maybe this is an omen). I just wanted to say, that this was a GREAT book, and I wished I could have connected to a website to let HER know how much I thoroughly enjoyed her writing, because I had not been a student of her books, previous to this reading. God Speed!

By Carla Rogers on 31 Jul 2009

I attended a photograhic...

I attended a photograhic workshop in Derbyshire in 1978, given by the internationally renowned potographer Paul Hill. Among the 20 or so people in attendance was Pat Booth. I found Pat to be a very personable lady - very easy to get along with, full of charm and very beautiful too!
I am so sorry to hear of her pasing, she was a very genuine lady that I'll never forget.

By Leonard Day on 06 Jun 2009
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Pat Booth
Pat Booth
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